Friday, June 27, 2008

Music in My World

Well, as many of you know, I have been a musician and lead singer for the Dallas-based band Casting Shadows for the past 20 years.

We played the Annual Beach Party at Dina and Lenny's on June 14th and had an absolute blast! I will be posting an article on that party soon, but this was the last show that Casting Shadows would play, with the this line-up. Several of us are contemplating a new party band and everyone is currently exploring other musical projects.

Dallas has always been influential as a hot bed of live music. The trends in club bands is ever-changing. For example, from the mid 80s and into the 90s, original music and the Deep Elum scene were the order of the day. Then "A" club dance bands such as Emerald City, Random Axis, Professor D, and the like took over the club scene. Currently the trend is towards tribute bands, dedicated to one particular group. They are everywhere and many of them are very impressive. Several of my favorites are Queen for a day (Queen, obviously), The One Percent Band (Lynard Skynard), Anthem (Rush), and Fearless Floyd (Pink Floyd). The first time I went to see Fearless, I was stunned and excited to discover that Doyle Maston, Casting Shadows old bass player, was handling the low-end for them. Lisa is one of the biggest Pink Floyd fans on the planet and Fearless Floyd quickly became one of our favorite local bands.

We went to see them on Saturday, June 21st, at the Flying Pig Roadhouse in Lewisville (appropriate club name for a Floyd band) and during their first set, they announced that they were taking a short hiatus and a reorganization was in the works. You can't imagine my amazement when they asked me to become the new vocalist for them! I was floored, honored and a bit nervous, as these guys simply kick ass. Our first gig is scheduled for Saturday, August 30th, at the Flying Pig ( A new name for the band is eminent, but check out the current website for the band at, or our MySpace page at Needless to say, I am feeling "Comfortably Numb!"

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